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Canon Law

“In each curia, a Chancellor is to be appointed, whose principal office, unless particular law states otherwise, is to ensure that the acts of the curia are drawn up and dispatched, and that they are kept safe in the archive of the curia.”  (Canon 482.1)

“The Chancellor, whose signature authenticates public documents, is the official notary of the curia.” (Canons 482.3 and 483.1). 

The Chancellor enjoys the power to grant faculties, celebrets etc as delegated to him by the Bishop of Hallam.


Chancery Office


Mgr David Kirkwood, JCD, KHS


Rev John Metcalfe, KHS


Mrs Anne Ashton

The main work of the Chancery Office is the processing of marriage papers – worldwide – for couples where the Catholic party, at least, is resident within the Diocese of Hallam.  The aim is to help and assist both priests and couples in what can be the quite complex preparation of marriage documentation.

The office prepares and transmits official legal documents on behalf of the Diocese, to ensure that they are kept safely and that the archives are made accessible to those with lawful enquiries.

The office also deals with the preparation of documents regarding other canonical requirements, the issuing of priest’s faculties, celebrets and ordination certificates and many general Curial enquiries.

The Chancellor is duly delegated to grant permissions and dispensations.


Contact Us

The Chancery deals with queries by post, telephone and email from priests, parishioners and the general public.

Chancery Office
The Hallam Pastoral Centre
St Charles Street
S9 3WU
Tel:  0114 2566450
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The office is open between 9.00am and 1.00pm Monday – Thursday


Prenuptial enquiry form: You can download this pdf form here.