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It is through a Tribunal that the Bishop of a diocese exercises judicial authority, i.e., officially resolves disputes and issues binding decisions.  The Bishop calls upon the Tribunal to investigate and adjudicate matters that come to his attention and need to be resolved according to the norms and procedures established in Church law.

The Diocese of Hallam Tribunal offers assistance to individuals who request that the Church study a marriage in order to determine whether or not there is any possibility of an annulment.  The Tribunal investigates the marriage and proceeds to a decision.

Most of the Tribunal's time is devoted to processing petitions requesting a declaration of nullity.  It is the right of an individual to ask for an official decision about the binding nature of a particular marriage.  As a norm, all marriages are presumed to be valid and binding.  However, through the course of 2000 years of history the Church has realised that the human act of giving marital consent can be defective to the point of being ineffective.  The annulment process investigates and settles this matter.

By Church Law, the Hallam Tribunal accepts cases when a request is made from someone married in the Diocese of Hallam (the Petitioner), or if the other marriage partner (Respondent) resides in the Diocese of Hallam.  The Tribunal can also accept a request from an individual residing in Hallam without meeting the two former conditions, but in these cases the Tribunal must consult the Tribunal of the Respondent’s diocese before proceeding.


Tribunal Office Contact Details

Judicial Vicar:                     Rev Craig Fitzpatrick, JCL, MA
Associate Judicial Vicar:    Mgr Bryan Sharp, JCL, LL.B
Administrator:                     Mrs Anne Ashton

The Hallam Diocesan Tribunal
The Hallam Pastoral Centre
St Charles Street
S9 3WU

Tel:   0114 – 2566450
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The office is open between 8.30am – 1.00pm Monday - Thursday



Annulment Details

Frequently Asked Questions