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ArcHeritage Report on Padley

Conservation of Padley Hall


Diocese of Hallam and English Heritage - Conservation works

With the assistance of a generous grant from the Historic Buildings, Monuments and Designed Landscapes programme of English Heritage, work was carried out in the summer 2013 at Padley to consolidate and conserve the remains of the historic medieval great house of Padley Hall.

The works were carried out by Stone Technical Services Limited of Darlington under the supervision of Sebastian Rowe of Pearce Bottomley Architects and archaeologists from ArcHeritage. The specification of the works were scrutinised and approved by English Heritage specialist advisors based in the East Midands Regional office in Northampton. The work is now complete.

The extent and nature of these works were one of the most important recommendations from the conservation management report prepared for the Diocese of Hallam by ArcHeritage in 2011, which was also grant-aided by English Heritage. More information about the conservation management plan and the findings of ArcHeritage can be found here.

The site of Padley Hall will remain open to visitors througout the works, although the area in which the contractor is working at the time will be cordoned off.

The nature and extent of the work is dictated by the following broad principles:

  • Leaving the ruins 'as found' i.e. not attempting to relocate stones from their present location to elsewhere on the site.
  • Consolidation to slow down further deterioration of the walls by removing cement-based mortar used in previous 'conservation' works (where this will not damage stones), re-setting stones in lime-based mortar to secure and to protect and capping walls to provide better resistance to erosion by weather and human activity.
  • Very limited rebuilding of recently collapsed sections of wall where there is good photographic or other evidence to prevent further collapsed and to reduce safety hazards.


Progress at 1/10/13:








Progress at 29/8/13: (Place cursor over photo to show brief description)

 General view of site

 Rebuilt section of wall adj to fireplace

Rebuilt section of wall adj to fireplace - 2

 Length of consolidated wall

Stone sink stabilised

 Progress at 21/8/13

Rebuilding section of collapsed wall

Consolidated section of wall  Architect and masons discussing options


If you have any questions or concerns about these works, please contact Tom Garrud, Property Manager for the Diocese of Hallam on 0114 256 6420 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


ArcHeritage Report on Padley


In mid 2010, The Diocese of Hallam appointed archaeological consultants ArcHeritage, part of the York Archaeological Trust, to carry out site surveying, recording and a condition assessment at Padley Hall and Martyrs’ Chapel. The site is a Scheduled Ancient Monument and the Chapel itself is a Grade 1 listed building.  Padley Hall was excavated in the 1930’s and its partially consolidated remains have been suffering from accelerating decay and damage caused by a number of factors. The on-site work and subsequent analysis has been supplemented by archival research and interpretation.

ArcHeritage submitted their report - a Conservation Management Plan - in March 2011 for consideration by the Diocesan Trustees.

Part One of their report - Background Information, Surveys and Assessment of Significance - is available to read here. The figures referenced in the text are available to read here. [The documents are 'read-only' PDF files]. The photographic plates can be viewed by scrolling down on this page. [NB Plate 4 in the report is copyright protected and cannot be reproduced on this website].

Part Two of the report containing assessments of the damage to the site, appraisal of the repair options, recommendations for the future management of the site has yet to be considered and discussed by the Diocese of Hallam Trustees and therefore it is inappropriate to publish this part at this stage. Part Three of the report sets out the recommended schdeule of repair and conservation works - again it is not appropriate to publish this part of the report.

The intellectual property rights of the entire content of the report are retained by ArcHeritage and the report is copyright to the Diocese of Hallam and ArcHeritage 2011. ArcHeritage are the acknowledge authors of the material contained in the report. All rights reserved - no content of the report can be copied, printed or reproduced in any format (including electronic or web-based) without the written permission of the Diocese of Hallam and ArcHeritage. If you wish to copy, print or reproduce any on the content please contact the Diocesan Property Department on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0114 256 6420.