Life Fertility Care



The Life FertilityCare programme promotes and supports reproductive health and fertility. FertilityCare helps couples to understand their fertility potential before they try to conceive and offers evaluation and treatment for infertility or recurrent miscarriage for married couples.


We are a specialist programme for those looking for fertility related support and treatment that comes from an ethical perspective beyond what is generally on offer within the NHS currently or feel that the NHS is currently not sufficiently providing for their ethical needs.


We specifically hold:


  1. A child is a gift from God
  2. That the best place for receiving this gift is within marriage and within an act of natural intercourse.
  3. That fertility is eqally a beautiful gift from God and best never deliberately destroyed neither temporarily or permanently.
  4. That life starts at fertilitsation (when sperm meets egg) and lasts until natural death.
  5. That all human life, whatever its stage of development or functionality, deserves equal respect and protection.
  6. That medicine needs to respect (ie. not interfere with) the unitive bond of marriage at any time.
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