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Come and See Summer 2014




Universal Church

Acts of Worship and Respond

EYFS 1 and 2 Good News

EYFS Good News Respond

EYFS 1 and 2 Friends

 EYFS Friends Respond

EYFS 1 and 2 Our World

EYFS Our World Respond 

Year 1 Holidays

 Y1 Holidays Respond

Year 1 Being Sorry

 Y1 Being Sorry Respond

Year 1 Neighbours

 Y1 Neighbours Respond

Year 2 Spread the Word 

 Y2 Spread the Word Respond

Year 2 Rules

 Y2 Rules Respond

Year 2 Treasures

 Y2 Treasures Respond

 Year 3 Energy

Y3 Energy Respond 

Year 3 Choices

 Y3 Choices Respond

Year 3 Special Places

 Y3 Special Places Respond

Year 4 New Life

Y4 New Life Respond 

Year 4 Building Bridges

 Y4 Building Bridges Respond

Year 4 God's People

Y4 God's People Respond 

Year 5 Transformation

Y5 Transformation Respond

Year 5 Freedom and Responsibility

 Y5 Freedom and Responsiblity Respond

Year 5 Stewardship

 Y5 Stewardship Respond

 Year 6 Witness

 Y6 Witness Respond

Year 6 Healing

Y6 Healing Respond

Year 6 The Common Good

 Y6 The Common Good Respond

EYFS: I Can Statements


Key Stage 1: I Can Statements

KS1 I Can Universal
KS1 I Can Pentecost
KS1 I Can  Reconciliation

Key Stage 2: I Can Statements

 Year 3 I Can
Year 4 I Can
Year 5 I Can
Year 6 I Can

Can I --- blank

Can I...Blank

Assessment Tasks 

 All Assessment Tasks and Notes

Parents' Letter 

Parent's Letter Summer 2014
Parent's Letter Summer 2014 inc Islam

Suggested Report Statements

 Suggested Report Statements


 Come and See Support Sessions

An opportunity to explore the underlying theology of Catholic Religious Education and be supported to deliver high quality teaching and learning through the Come and See Catholic Programme.

Booking forms:  4th June 2014 and 4th July 2014