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Are You 'Bothered' By God?

The young adult’s weekend retreat was such an overwhelming experience; being able to build new friendships, share laughter and tears and more importantly renew my faith.  

From the beginning, arriving at the Peak Centre I had such a warm feeling knowing I would be able to relax, put all the business of student life aside and just embrace the weekend. 

young adults

The first night was an opportunity to begin to explore the theme of the retreat and begin to get to know one another better. The evening ended in everyone getting on their hats, gloves and wellingtons and having a big snowball fight and building a snowman. That evening I had the opportunity to plan night prayer with a few others – this experience was very meaningful and special to me as here we all shared our reasons for coming on retreat, making the weekend an even more precious and memorable experience. 

One of the lovely sessions over the weekend was to take our favourite Gospel passages and to relate to the message of them to our own lives. The theme of the retreat was to realise how God ‘bothers’ us and how attentive we are to his call. I really felt I was able to speak openly with others about this and how I respond to God’s call, making it such a special weekend.735153 10152455924885007 880709494 n 

One of my favourite moments was the on Saturday afternoon, walking in the snow through the village and up the hills. There were lots of laughter shared and the afternoon was enjoyed by all. To even make it to the top of the hill was an achievement, but the highlight was attempting to sledge back down which was hilarious and ending with us being covered all in snow. It really felt like we were children all over again! 

Bishop John came on Saturday evening to celebrate Mass and share supper with us. The Mass was lovely service which we shared with some young people from St Bernard’s Catholic High School, who were also on retreat that weekend. There was a real sense of community, belonging and care. 

So many memories were created on this retreat which I will keep with me for a long time. In particular the affirmations we all wrote for one another at the end of the weekend and sharing these in a final prayer brought tears of joy to many. I will always remember the special people I met at Edale.

Stephanie Holden