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School Buildings and Capital Funding

School Buildings and Capital Funding

Diocesan Schools' Building Fund

hands_upThe Diocesan Schools' Building Fund was established by Bishop John in 1998 following a wide-ranging review and consultation on how school capital projects in the Diocese were funded and managed. All parents with children attending voluntary-aided Diocesan schools are invited to make voluntary contributions to the Fund. All Governing Bodies can apply to the Fund for financial support to meet the cost of the 10% contribution required towards the cost of any school capital project. Through the establishment of the Fund, the family of Diocesan schools have supported each other in repairing, improving and replacing Catholic schools across the Diocese. This mutual support has built on the efforts of generations of Catholic families in the past to establish and sustain these Diocesan schools.

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Current guidance on capital funding for VA schools

The current guidance on capital funding for VA schools is contained in the 'Blue Book' guide published by the Department for Education. It is available here.

The latest forms (updated in May 2013) for accessing VA capital funding are available here.

You can access the Voluntary Aided Schools Information System (VASIS) here.

Guide to Devolved Formula Capital

Devolved Formula Capital (DFC) is an amount of capital allocated each year to primary and secondary schools to be spent by them on their priorities in respect of buildings, ICT and other capital needs. It may be combined with capital funding from other sources, pooled with DFC allocated to other schools, and saved up to fund larger projects.

Accounting for DFC expenditure.

The DFC allocations to Diocesan schools are held in the bank account nominated by each school Governing Body. The Governing Body is responsible and accountable for the use and management of its DFC allocation. To assist with the accounting for the expenditure please download the DFC ledger here (Excel spreadsheet) and the instructions for use here (pdf). A worked example for the DFC ledger is available here (pdf).


If you require any guidance or assistance in planning a capital project using your DFC allocation or in accounting for the expenditure of DFC, please contact the Property Department.